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Harmony Isgolde

Harmony is a lover of nature, dance, and intimacy

Through sensual massages, embodiment coaching and bodywork she invites and celebrates each person and their body to express everything from vitality to vulnerability in a deeply caring space

"I love working with men and women, using presence, sacred touch, massage, compassion and loving attention, to both awaken the body and rest deeply"

She welcomes the deep and the surface, the shadow and the light, the serious and the playful, adapting to what is needed moment by moment

Come as you are and let this journey travel you.

She is passionate about Authenticity, Sexual Vitality, Intimacy, Tantra, Healing, Empowerment and Fully Embodied living. Through her own challenges, she has been exploring the topics of health, self-care, spirituality and personal development since her teens and offers a person-centred, trauma-informed practice.

Harmony has been an ITEC level 3 Holistic Massage and Aromatherapist for more than 20 years and has been practicing and evolving her version of Tantra Massage and sacred sexuality for 4 years.

She is an ongoing student of Sensual Mastery, Tantra and Tantra Massage, Sacred Sexuality, Tao Practices, Non-violent and Compassionate Communication, Voicework, The Wheel of Consent, Shamanic Dance,5 Rhythms and Soul Motion Dance, Somatic Movement, Mediation, and Meditation as well as Reiki.

Facilitating individuals to empowerment through Massage, Movement, she is also a Sensuality, Embodiment and Intimacy Coach.

She proposed, developed and has held Women's Support Circles for the last 4 years at conscious sexuality gatherings alongside her partner who holds Men's spaces.


Harmony Isgolde fourhandedmassage

She runs her own busy Tantra Massage practice in Devon and assist on weekends and retreats with Tantra Massage training in Bristol.

She is an assistant at Movement for Life dance classes for mothers and carers and is a director at the Totnes Dance Collective.

Currently training as a Sexologicial Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator and Sex Coach she is curious about loving hearts, open minds and being IN THE BODY.

She loves to life model both in the Uk and overseas, having recovered from anorexia, bulmia and body issues in her teens and 20's.

She is in a loving, conscious intimate relationship with her partner and adores her 2 children.

She enjoys bountiful amounts of time in nature.

What she brings are both her passion and her dedication to fully embodied authentic living.

Want to know more about what you can learn with Harmony?

see Offerings for Harmony's 1:1 and Couples work

and email harmonyembodiment@gmail.com.

Karin Paish

Karin is a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Andean Paquokuna Shamanic healer. She is also a graduate of the International School of Temple Arts and of the Path of Pollen Indigenous Bee shamanism. She will soon be a qualified Psycho-sexual Somatics Coach.

Karin teaches yoga and contemporary shamanic practice and is one of the UK's 'Wisdom Keepers' community.

She is passionate about the ways that we can bring nature and the sacred back into our day to day lives and is a public speaker about the therapeutic and practical value of devotional practice.

"As an intuitive empath, I am able to work very deeply with the mind, body, spirit complex, weaving in my experience with Psycho-Sexual Somatics and indigenous Peruvian energy medicine where appropriate.  My great passion is my work with men, although I also love to work with women".

contact Karin ~

email karin.paish@yahoo.co.uk

Karin Paish



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