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As well as Four-Handed Massage Harmony offers:

For Individuals (men and women)

2 or 3-hour Devotional Tantric Massage

Sensuality and Embodiment Coaching for men and women (in-person and online), beginning with a minimum of 4 x 2hr sessions. Ideal for anyone who is feeling stuck, shutdown, confused or bored in their sexual relationship with themselves or with others.

Jade Egg Training for women's pelvic health, healing and sexual vitality (4 x 2 hr sessions minimum) in person.

Solo Intimacy and Connection Retreats, for igniting and deepening your relationship with yourself.
These consist of bespoke coaching and guidance to help you create the perfect affordable, do-able retreat for you whether you have a half-day to spare or up to a week, at home or away. I offer a FREE follow up call after your retreat for self-reflection and next steps.
We meet in person or by Zoom (like Skype) so wherever you are in the world I am here to help you get clear on what you are really wanting, address any blocks and offer new tools, insights, and accountability so you actually make it happen!


Not sure quite what you need? I offer a free 20 min Discovery call to help you find out.

For Couples (2 people who are intimately relating)

Learning the Art of Tantra Massage- A 1-day Beginner course for Couples to learn and practice new depths of connection and intimacy with each other through touch. I also offer a series of 4 x 3 hr sessions for those who prefer to learn in this format.

Want to learn more?

You can go deeper and learn more about touch-based relationship intimacy with my Level 2 and Level 3 courses

Coming Soon!
Cultivating Relationship Retreats (see Solo Retreats for details)


Have a question? Not sure quite what you need?

Want to know prices and how to book? I offer a free 20 min Discovery call to help you find out.

please contact harmonyembodiment@gmail.com



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