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Four-Handed Massage

Many massage treatments work with a routine. We work in a synchronised way, tuning into each other, intuitively responding to the needs of the client and creating a unique experience to meet what arises in the moment.

A four-handed massage can be like experiencing two full-body massages at the same time. It may feel like the equivalent of experiencing three hours treatment time, leading to deeper states of relaxation and surrender. The mind can also give up its holding as it lets go of trying to follow all the hands. This can be a relief for those who find it challenging to stop a busy mind and it can facilitate different levels of consciousness.

During this full body massage the body is usually naked to enable continuous movement and a dance-like motion over the entire body. Blankets or sarongs are utilised to maintain modesty as required.

We treat the client’s body as a form of canvas onto which we choreograph intuitive slow, detailed moves and strokes of varying paces and pressures to create a varied sensual experience. We often utilise flowing, full body strokes to encourage a feeling of integration, wholeness and embodiment. This style of massage offers an opening to pleasure and relaxation. The stretching, lengthening and releasing moves available to two therapists surpass what is possible in a regular massage.

Amongst our team we have more than 30 years collective experience of Bodywork, Energy work, Breathwork, Yoga, Tantra, Conscious dance, Somatic Experiencing, Meditation, Bodymind therapy, Trauma Release and Shadow Work.

Working with an integrated approach of bodywork, energy work, breath, somatic experiencing, sound, words and eye contact can lead to a deeper intimacy with yourself, your bodymind and your heart, increase your vitality and deepen your connection to a sense of embodied presence.

One of our intentions is to support you to have experiences you want, both on the table and in life. We deeply value when people tell us during a session about what they do or do not like and will encourage you to explore this.

Although our sessions are much about relaxation and letting go, we will encourage you to be as engaged as possible as this can bring full aliveness to your body. We may speak to you during the session, encouraging breath and guiding you to check in with your mind and your body sensations. We find that this can support a more integrated bodymind experience with long-lasting benefits that can assist way beyond the massage table.

Sessions are usually for 2 hours which includes 1.5 hours of treatment time and time for connecting, setting intentions and stating boundaries before the treatment and grounding and sharing afterwards.

We suggest that clients try one session and then we can discuss booking a series of sessions where there is an opportunity to deepen into the experience and process.


Sessions are currently held near Totnes and Exeter in Devon.

We also offer sessions at events and retreats.

Please see our prices page for more details on investment and how to book.


Couples Massage

Harmony and another therapist come to your home and set up the sacred space. We heat the massage couches, use sensual coverings, candles, delicious aromas, pre-heated almond or coconut oil, and offer relaxing music to create a wonderful ambience.

We work one-on-one with each of you, meeting your preferences for a sensual, pleasurable and relaxing massage.

After the massage we leave you to connect while we quietly clear away our things and allow you to continue your intimacy together.

If required we can guide sacred connecting rituals and facilitate you in practices to deepen your connection, develop conscious touch, open your hearts and offer each other greater presence.


Sessions (including set up time) are for 3 hours or more.

There is a 15 mile maximum radius from Totnes and we charge a fee for travel time/expenses.

Please see our prices page for more details on investment and how to book.


Duo Massage

This session is suitable for friends and family members who would like to receive a massage in tandem.

We offer sessions in our treatment spaces in Totnes and Exeter. We use two heated massage couches and each working one-to-one create a tailored massage to meet your own needs and preferences.


Sessions are for 2 hours.

Please see our prices page for more details on investment and how to book.



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